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           Amplified!   “The Last Circus”

The Circus 1768-2017 Philip Astley debuts “The First Circus” in London in 1768, Paris in 1782 and finally Philadelphia in 1793 by Mr. Bill Rickets.

5/7/2017 “The Last Circus” …the final performance under the Ringling Bros./Barnum and Bailey legendary name.

1/1/2019 “The Last Circus” release by Amplified! signifies an end to a simpler time and uses the circus as a metaphor for life and self-exploration. Tim Grogean, lyricist and composer, unveils the the truths of life in thick driving songs and Rock anthems. Red Tube Records protects the integrity of the art by allowing each artist 100% creative freedom.

    International Record Producer Tim Grogean, MCA Recording Artist Charlie Bushor [#1 Hit “Lack of Water”] and Gold Record/Funk Hall of Fame member Gary King join Amplified! and special guests in a concept album not matched in many years. Charlie on drums anchors the rhythm section with The Punisher on bass while Tim and Doug Preston handle the axes. Doug, Pianist Chloe Grogean and Mark Lasson provide the lead vocals interwoven throughout the recording. Drummer/Percussionist Greg “Bubba” Harris and an ALL-STAR list of friends keep you guessing song by song


The result is a whole lot of fun, crank it up and enjoy.

Tim Grogean

Red Tube Records

@2019 Red Tube Records

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